Drainage Drilling

Found a pot you love, but it doesn't have drainage? We can help with that!

Proper drainage is important to ensure your plant is not sitting in water, which can lead to root rot.

We can drill holes in most materials including: 
  • Ceramic 
  • Terracotta
  • Concrete
  • Light-weight Metal

Drainage Drilling Service is a flat $20 + delivery fee (see more details about delivery here) and +$5 for each additional pot.   Service includes us coming to pickup your pot, drilling the hole(s), and re-delivery. 

*within our 20 mile delivery radius. process takes 3-7 days as we will be picking up/redelivering on our regular delivery days (Sunday and Wednesday).

To get started, click Drainage Drilling Service and add to cart.  Select a date for us to pickup by picking a delivery date.  Set your pot out by 11am on selected delivery date, and we'll come by and get it!  We'll message after we've drilled and set up a date for re delivery!