Alocasia Mandalay 4”
Alocasia Mandalay 4”

Alocasia Mandalay 4”

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Light- bright, indirect light. Alocasia need a lot of light, but do not place in direct sun.
Water- water every 5-7 days during the growing season. Based on where you place your alocasia, it may need more or less water- make sure to keep the soil damp, not wet or saturated. Feel the soil to make sure your alocasia does not dry out completely. Alocasia need more humidity than a normal home provides- mist regularly with a fine mist sprayer or place near a humidifier.
Fertilizer- fertilize once a month during the growing season. Do not fertilize during the colder months.
Soil-  general mix
Plant Nerd Tips- 
Alocasia are prone to pest issues. Spray with a neem oil solution once a month to deter or kill any pests.
If you notice a leaf or two turning yellow- you can prune those off.
They drop older leaves and grow new ones rapidly during the growing season. Don’t be alarmed if you notice 1 or 2 droopy leaves, but the rest of the plant is fine.