Snake Plant Black Dragon 8”
Snake Plant Black Dragon 8”

Snake Plant Black Dragon 8”

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Plant Nerd Level: Easy

 Sansevieria Black Dragon

Light- low to high indirect light
water every 7-14 days during the growing season. Let your snake plant dry out  between waterings.  snake plants are drought resistant, so air on the side of underwatering Fertilizer- fertilize every other month during the growing season. Do not fertilize during the colder months.
Soil- succulent mix 
Plant Nerd Tips-
sanseviera have been recategorized as dracaena (we just call them snake plants to remove any confusion!)
snake plants produce 'pups' as a way of growing wider.  during repotting, you can remove a grown pup (as long as it has enough of it's own root system) and pot it up separately
snake plants don’t require much care. as long as you don’t overwater- they should be happy!