Dieffenbachia Starbright 6"
Dieffenbachia Starbright 6"

Dieffenbachia Starbright 6"

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Plant Nerd Level: Medium

Light- medium to bright, indirect light.
Water- water every 7-10 days during the growing season. Let the top 1-2” of soil dry out between waterings. Be sure not to overwater your dieffenbachia.
Fertilizer- fertilize twice a month during the growing season. Do not fertilize during the colder months. Soil- plant your dieffenbachia in well-draining soil.
Soil-  general mix
Plant Nerd Tips-
Leaves turning yellow or brown towards the bottom of your dieffenbachia is common. Prune any brown/yellow leaves off.
Keep your pets away from this plant if they like to chew on plants. Dieffenbachia sap is toxic. You may notice extra water/moisture dripping off your dieffenbachia leaves- it is water and its normal.
Give your dieffenbachia adequate light and remember to rotate your plant to avoid a leggy appearance.

 Star Bright are one of our favorite Dieffenbachia! The coloration on this batch is *chefs kiss*